Get Compassionate and Quality Care for Your Loved Ones

Caring for your loved ones, is rewarding, but can be draining at the same time, especially when they are suffering from any physical or emotional condition. At Island Nursing and Rehab Center, we understand your circumstances and try to make your life easier by providing respite care in Holtsville, NY.

Our quality services focus on providing you enough time to relax and take a break  while we compassionately take care of your loved ones giving you some time to recuperate. Whether you need planned or emergency respite care service at your home, we support you through all aspects whenever you need us. We can develop a custom package build around you and your loved one.


What is Respite Care?

Research studies show that care providers often experience stress while providing long-term care to the chronically ill elderly or family members. This is where respite care comes in. Respite care is short-term support by a trained and skilled caregiver, giving the primary care provider a much-needed break and time to relax and recharge.

As an established nursing and rehab facility in the region, we provide respite care services on Long Island, at your home or our nursing facility, depending on your requirements. We offer a certified, trained, and experienced caregiver who takes care of your elderly or sick family member while you are away or need a helping hand for a few hours or days.

Respite Care Services

At Island Nursing and Rehab Center, we provide a range of flexible and quality respite care services in Holtsville, NY, to better take care of your loved ones when you need to take a break and rest.

Activities of Daily Living

Our caregivers specialize in providing professional yet friendly assistance with daily living activities, like bathing and dressing. We assess you or your family members to determine areas that need help and develop a plan suitable for your situation.

Medication Management

Finding it difficult to give medication on time to your loved ones in your busy schedule? No problem, as our medication management provides in-home services to administer prescription medications according to schedules without delays.


Our trained respite caregivers help you or your loved ones safely and efficiently perform recommended exercises. This supports a speedy recovery and better health outcomes.


Our Long Island respite care facility offers valuable socialization for your loved ones when it’s not possible for them to leave home independently. We help them engage in various social activities and provide companionship.

Physical Therapy

If your loved one needs physical therapy, we have a certified and experienced physical therapist to provide in-home services. We provide physical therapy according to physician recommendations or personal wellness goals.

Occupational Therapy

At Island Nursing and Rehab Center, we have occupational therapists to provide client-centered occupational therapy to your loved ones. It promotes their health and helps them recover or maintain daily living skills.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps seniors suffering from cognitive disorders re-gain speaking skills, improve swallowing and chewing. Our expert speech therapists provide various vocal exercises to enhance their functional communications.

Cognitive Activities

Dementia patients and those who suffer from other cognitive disorders can benefit from cognitive activities. Our experts design personalized plans to reduce decline and improve cognitive functions in your in-home settings.

Respite Care Staff

At Island Nursing and Rehab, we have trained, certified, and experienced staff committed to providing a complete range of high-quality respite care services. Our team works closely with you to design a customized respite care plan that addresses your concerns and compassionately takes care of your loved ones.

Benefits of a Nonprofit Facility

Non-profit organizations, nursing, and rehabilitation facilities offer better care, highly skilled staff with higher registered nursing staff, and fewer deficiencies.

As a nonprofit, Island Nursing and Rehab provides the following benefits:

  • Attention to quality over profitability
  • Highly skilled, trained, and registered medical and nursing staff
  • Fully equipped with the latest equipment
  • Better Medicaid and other medical insurance options

By choosing Island Nursing and Rehab Center, you can harness all these and other benefits that non-profits offer to their residents. We offer premium quality care with personalized attention, trained and experienced nursing and other staff, and a state-of-the-art facility at the most competitive costs. We also provide medical insurance benefits, and you can get in touch with us to discuss it.

Why Island Nursing

We are a leading nonprofit skilled nursing facility in the area to provide our clients with reliable, professional, and robust respite care services.

  • Equipped fully with innovative machines and essential equipment
  • Beautiful and serene landscape spread over acres
  • Personalized patient care plans
  • An inviting and comfortable ambiance
  • Advanced physical and recreational therapies to promote speedy healing and overall well-being

Cost of Respite Care

Costs of respite care vary depending on the services you choose and the duration. There are state-run programs that offer financial assistance. Additionally, Medicaid Waivers can also pay for respite care services. At our skilled nursing facility, we can help you review and consolidate your insurance for respite care services so that you can have peace of mind regarding costs.

Additional Care

Island Nursing offers a variety of care to meet all your needs. This includes rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and hospice services that enable you to live an independent, satisfied, and healthy life. Our experts create your personalized plan based on your specific physical needs. With our trained and experienced staff, we execute your plan to help you with a speedy recovery and accomplishing health and independence.

Let us deliver the highest level of respite care while you’re not available. Get in touch with us today!

Respite Care FAQs

What is the difference between respite care and personal care?

Respite care offers a temporary break and relief to the primary caregiver looking after an elderly, sick, or disabled family member. You can take it in your home or at the nursing facility with overnight stays. It involves all aspects of living. Personal care focuses on individual hygiene and maintenance of a clean appearance.

Is respite care the same as skilled nursing?

Respite care gives a break to the primary caregivers from the daily pressures of taking care of the elderly or disabled, or ill family members. It enables the caregiver to relax, unwind and refresh. It can cover all aspects of one's life. Skilled nursing offers a residential setting where individuals receive medical care, including blood pressure and sugar checks, feeding tube management, diabetes checks, and other medical-related services following injury, surgery, or disease.

Who qualifies for respite care?

Primary family caregivers taking care of individuals or family members aged 60 or above or those suffering from cognitive disorders or mental conditions qualify for respite care services.

Who benefits from respite care?

Primary caregivers can benefit from respite care as it gives them some time to rest temporarily from their responsibilities, relieves stress, and restore their energy to serve better.

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